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Amy Creates Delicious Jams and Jellies Delivered To Your Door

 If you would like a bulk order or can’t find a flavor you are looking for, contact Amy! She can do bulk orders! Through Amy’s Garden Jam Subscription (email Amy for details), you can be sure to enjoy handmade delicious jams and jellies all year long. And if you are lucky enough to be local, you can find her canned goods in high quality shops throughout the state of Maine.  Order more than one jar of jam and automatically save on shipping.

Current Offerings

Whether you are looking for yourself or finding the perfect gift for a friend, you can find what you are looking for in our online store. Order more than one jar of jam and automatically save on shipping!

Locally Sourced. 

Absolutely delicious.

Locally sourced fruit is a key foundation to our handmade jams and jellies. Our gardens are overflowing with raspberry vines, strawberries, rubarb, and lemon trees. We love to go blueberry picking at the local farms. When you eat Amy’s Garden Jam, it’s as if you picked the fruit from your own garden!

Our Favorites

Below are some of our favorite jams and jellies–you can complete a one time purchase here, or you can sign up for a subscription.




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This Christmas Season find Amy’s Garden Jam at Two Sisters iin Maine Artisan Fairs in Freeport! A perfect holiday gift!

Grounded In Maine Podcast

Amy’s Garden Jam creator, Amy Fagan, now hosts a podcast! Grounded in Maine Podcast is an open conversation about being mindful of how we show up for the world. We discuss the role we play in sustainability including gardening and preserving, recycling and composting and even household DIY. It’s a podcast about our commitment to ecological responsibility, and learning different ways to be part of the solution.

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We are happy to supply your shop, boutique, or bed and breakfast with our jams and jellies. Please contact us for more information.

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