About Amy

Just a girl who loves to share good flavors with friends and family.

About Me

“One can’t be too dangerous if they like to eat pancakes. Especially with jam on them.” -Tove Jansson


Amy (and Maude)

Hi! I’m Amy. I have been a lifelong resident of Brunswick, Maine until now! I am relocating to somewhere with a longer growing season! I have a rescue dog, 2 cats and (currently) five sweet chickens (Maude had to be in the photo with me). I love–in no particular order–my family, animals, beets, mac and cheese, candy, and a good slice of toast with butter and jam. I also love pancakes because they’re a vessel for maple syrup.

About six years ago, my sisters asked me to make jams and jellies as wedding favors for their wedding, and that’s when everyone started asking me when I was going to start selling them.  I thought it might be fun–but I am good at thinking about things so much that I get scared of my thoughts!  In the summer of 2019, my sister in law brought up the subject again, and said “Ames, you NEED to do this.” So I didt it! I opened a new business based on my love of sharing delicious food with friends and family.

Since I opened, my circle of friends grew to the point where I needed to start shipping. When I am finished relocating and sourcing locally grown ingredients, I’d love to share my jams and jellies with you, too! I am also open to carrying my jams and jellies in quality locations wherever I am.

Jam on a winter day took away the blue devils. It was like tasting summer. – Sandra Dallas

My Promise to You

It is my belief that when we share food, we share friendship. I promise you that my jams and jellies will be of the finest quality and handmade with care and love.


Locally Sourced

I use fruits that are locally sourced whenever possible. 


Shipped With Care

Your jams are shipped with care. Our packaging keeps your jam as fresh as possible and jams are delivered as quickly as possible.


High Quality and Safety

My jams and jellies are of the highest quality and all safety precautions are taken.


Always Fresh

Your jams are made with fruits that are often picked right off the vine and into your jam!

Truly Handmade, With Love.

I take safety seriously, and I love my friends who enjoy my culinary creations. Rest assured that each batch is made with love, straight from the heart!

Handmade Jams and Jellies

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